France on the Way to Last in Vaccine Campaign

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The vaccine was finally developed after a diplomatic, scientific and industrial race all over the world to combat the corona virus pandemic. However, despite the arrival of vaccines in countries, the failure of governments to implement has been the subject of debate in many European countries. While the development of vaccines against the Corona virus, which ruins life all over the world, was greeted as a great good news, vaccination campaigns started with psychological difficulties with the contribution of political, logistical and conspiracy theories against the vaccine.

EU countries, acting individually and having great difficulties in obtaining tests and masks, decided to act jointly in order not to experience the same scandal in the vaccination campaign. Therefore, in 2020, a total of 2 billion doses of Covid 19 vaccine was purchased from 6 different laboratories for 27 EU countries with a population of 450 million. Thus, it was aimed to prevent the competition between the member states and the price increase that will occur as a result. Even Hungary, which tried to buy the Russian-made Sputnik vaccine, finally agreed to act together, supporting the EU’s decision.

However, with the approval of the European Drug Administration for the Pfizer-BioNTEch vaccine and the arrival of the first vaccine orders to the countries, the first deep differences of opinion and application differences started to occur. This has led to a noticeable lag behind vaccination campaigns in Europe compared to other parts of the world.

516 people in a week

While the number of citizens vaccinated in America and China exceeds 4 million, and in England leaving the EU, it exceeds 1 million; Germany, the country that first found the vaccine, made a significant difference with other members by vaccinating 238 thousand people. In France, the fact that only 516 people were vaccinated in a week caused harsh polemics.

According to the figures of the “Our World in Data” website, 4.5 million in China, 4.2 million in the USA, 1.1 million in Israel, 944 thousand in England, 800 thousand in Russia, 238 thousand in Germany, While Italy 114 thousand, Croatia 7.8 thousand, Estonia 2.5 thousand people were vaccinated, in France, only 516 people were vaccinated for 1 week.

Moreover, the emergence that the delay in France was not due to the lack of vaccines, but to the slow and unprepared government, raised the opposition and the health sector.

In this delay, which makes France the last in the world, the most important obstacle is the necessity of many bureaucratic processes such as seeing the family doctor 4 days in advance, obtaining a written doctor’s permission and making an appointment in order to be vaccinated.

Anti-vaccination still widespread

The second main deficiency is the lack of preparation of large venues such as gymnasiums and hospitals that will host the vaccination campaign, and the fact that the state does not create nearby places that will facilitate the vaccination of the public, and that it does not contact local administrations in this context.

Finally, about 60 percent of the French are hesitant about vaccination, shaken confidence in the government that previously lied about testing and masks, and fear of the side effects of the vaccine, which is presented as the third important reason. According to a recent survey by Odaxa, the number of French refusing the vaccine remained at 58 percent, although it was 6 points lower than before the vaccine arrived.

Jean Rottner, President of the Great East region where the Covid 19 virus hit hardest in the country, said, “I am a person who is generally proud of my country. But what happened with the vaccine is a complete state scandal. We are facing a big scandal. Mask, test, now vaccine … This is extremely. It is a devastating situation, I am very sorry, we are the last in the world. Getting vaccinated has become as difficult as buying a car. Bureaucratic obstacles are unbelievable. We are mocked officially. Everything is decided from Paris. We are not asked anything. Solidarity is not requested. “Local governments should be empowered, they should be accelerated. All doctors, pharmacists, nurses, paramedics can make this vaccine. It is not that difficult to organize it,” he said.

“The only Security Council country that couldn’t find a vaccine”

Antoine Levy, one of the important economists of the country, stated that France is the only country that could not find a vaccine in the UN Security Council, and that the government signed the vaccine fiasco after the test, mask, digital patient monitoring system and quarantine fiasco. Explaining France’s reasons for delay and solution proposals in his extensive article published in Le Figaro newspaper, Levy criticized the government harshly with the words “a government that sleeps against a people on the verge of social and political explosion”.

President Emmanuel Macron, who was previously the target of similar criticism due to the epidemic policy, convened the security summit with the Prime Minister and Minister of Health. Visiting a hospital in Paris, Health Minister Olivier Veran announced that they will change their campaign strategies and on Wednesday, 580,000 people will be vaccinated, and 1 million people will be vaccinated as soon as next week.

The government is planning to lift the requirement of “being examined by a family doctor before vaccination”, which is criticized for creating a heavy bureau, and to establish 300 giant vaccination centers across the country in order to catch up with the pace of other countries.

In France, the vaccination of healthcare workers over the age of 50, living in elderly care and nursing homes, was started. Since January 20, all healthcare professionals, those over the age of 60 and those working in strategic professions such as police, teachers; In the third stage, all people are planned to be vaccinated from the end of April.

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