The “Council of Imams” fight in France

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Within the framework of the “anti-separatism reform” introduced by the French President Emmanuel Macron to fight political Islam, the “National Imams Council” project, which he requested from the representatives of the Muslim community in France, was in danger due to resignations. The resignation of Şemsettin Hafız, the President of the Grand Mosque of Paris, saying, “They do not respect the Republic” about the representatives of the Muslim community with which he worked, caused controversy. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced that he would meet with community representatives one by one in order to overcome the crisis.

The discussions on “radical and separatist anti-Islam reform”, which gained momentum due to the terrorist attacks during the trials of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, continue. The 50-article law, which was discussed and adopted by the government in the council of ministers, will be on the agenda of the General Assembly after being discussed in the committees in the Assembly this month. The law will be discussed in the Senate, the upper wing of the parliament, after the National Assembly.

President Macron met with 8 federation representatives affiliated to the French Islamic Council (CFCM) at the Elysee Palace on 18 November, concurrently with this law, to end the influence of foreign states on the “Charter of Values” and imams in France, ‘ He told them to prepare the National Council of Imams’ bylaws. Macron gave CFCM representatives 2 weeks to complete the work before the end of the year.

The representatives of the federation affiliated with the CFCM, including two Turkish Federations, accepted this proposal and started the preparatory work for the “secularism requirement”. Talks between these eight federations took longer than intended. During the work that created deep differences of opinion within the CFCM components, the first fight arose during the preparation of a “Charter of Values” in which Islam and secular republic values ​​were in harmony. The fight surfaced when Paris Mosque President and CFCM Vice President, lawyer Şemseddin Hafız resigned, claiming that “some representatives sabotaged their work on the values ​​requirement and did not respect the values ​​of the republic.”

National Opinion and criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood

The resignation of fights in the CFCM “Value Charter” on which representatives of the split in half and the Paris Mosque President Hafiz, “Republican values ​​does not respect” as well as representatives of the Turkey-based National Opinion Federation and Muslims is close communique Federation Brotherhood said.

According to the information obtained by VOA Turkish, differences of opinion surfaced within the definition and scope of “political Islam”. Some representatives within the CFCM asked that “this definition is vague and confusing”, that a more explicit term such as “the use of Islam for political purposes” should be used. The Paris Mosque, on the other hand, wanted the definition of “political Islam” to be further expanded and to write clearly “political Islamic movements such as Wahhabism, Salafism, Muslim Brotherhood …”. However, the opposing team strongly opposed this proposal.

“The compromise was reached on December 15”

CFCM President Mohammed Moussaoui said he was stunned by the controversy, “On December 15, the summary text was approved by all components, including the President of the Paris Mosque. How can we explain the saying? ” said.

Making a written statement on the discussion, President of the National Vision (CIMG) Fatih Sarıkır said, “Embarrassing accusations against the components that have been worked together for years are unacceptable. Members of National Vision are French citizens and individuals who are bound by French laws and values.”

“Serving political interests”

The Medipart news website and La Croix newspaper claimed that Hafez “made such an exit for a political purpose”. La Croix also underlined Hafez’s closeness to former President Nicolas Sarkozy and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who founded the CFCM. The sources, who did not reveal his name, who spoke to Le Monde, said, “In order to protect the independence of the Paris Mosque, the National Imams Council deliberately derailed the work of the National Imams Council with a formula that humiliated Muslims.” Another source claimed that Hafez, of Algerian origin, “served political interests, invited Darmanin to the Paris Mosque and declared war” to the members of the Islamic Council of Moroccan origin, referring to his closeness to Darmanin.

Against these statements, Şemseddin Hafız replied, “I continue my struggle with full transparency. The attitude of CFCM President Moussaoui cannot be explained. Why he defamed me? He was subjected to the same accusations as me. We have been the target of the same circles on social media. I have been under police protection for two months”.

As a result, the CFCM, led by Mohammed Moussaoui of Moroccan origin, announced that “whether the Paris Mosque participates or not, they will complete the work of the National Imams Council.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin will work to overcome the crisis by accepting the federation representatives that make up the CFCM one by one as of next week, so that the efforts of the National Imams Council do not fall to the ground with the “values ​​condition”.

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