German Politicians’ Strong Reaction to the US Congress Raid

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Following President Donald Trump’s speech to his supporters yesterday, the raid of the US Capitol and the death of four people in the incidents caused great reactions in Germany.

Prime Minister Angela Merkel, who said that the images “annoyed her and also upset her”, made an assessment that indirectly held President Trump responsible for the events. Stating that he believes that millions of people who admire the democratic tradition of the USA share the same feelings and said, “The rules of democracy are written as losing as it is to win,” Merkel said, “I regret that President Trump has not accepted his defeat since November. “This was the reason for the atmosphere that ultimately led to the violence. I am glad that Joe Biden is president. This means that democratic forces have won.”

Emphasizing that it is a “promising signal” that the US Congress continues its work despite the chaos experienced, Merkel said, “The USA will open a new page in its own democracy in less than two weeks as it should be.”

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier also made a statement directly targeting President Trump. Describing the events in Washington yesterday as “an attack on the heart of democracy”, Steinmeier stated that all democratic societies should learn from what happened. “Hatred and provocative language, lies, violence threaten democracy,” said Steinmeier, “The in-charge President who provoked the armed looters who were guilty of yesterday’s events.”

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass harshly criticized Trump and his supporters in his post on his Twitter account. “The enemies of democracy will be delighted by the unacceptable images from Washington. Trump and his supporters must now accept the decision of the American voters and stop trampling on democracy,” Mass said.

When Federal Parliament Speaker Wolfgang Schäuble said, “It was the losing President who incited the violent marauders”, US Representatives
He announced that he was sending a get well soon message to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Schäuble said, “Trump ignored the democratic rules by not accepting the election victory. Yesterday’s event shows that in the age of globalization, states that adhere to democratic rules of law will face new problems, including violence. Political, economic and social cohesion of societies can only be achieved by following parliamentary democratic rules” stated opinion.

Former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of the Social Democratic Party SPD made the assessment that “Trump needs to be brought to court. He committed a crime by starting an uprising in his country and trying to do a coup”.

Green Party Co-chair Annalena Baerbock said, “What happened in Washington shows that right-wing populist forces do not lose their appeal when they come to power, their main goal is to hollow democracy from within.”

The German Journalists Association (DJV) condemned the attacks on journalists during yesterday’s events. “Yesterday, once again, we witnessed the hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters for the free press. Trump is the person who provoked the attacks on the media,” said DJV President Frank Überall. Some of the participants in the attack on the US Capitol later attacked many members of the media who watched the events on the spot, and damaged the equipment of the live film crews, including the German television channel ARD.

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