Greece-Israel Agreement Targets Turkey Is it?

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In a statement made by Greece on Tuesday, it was reported that a $ 1 billion 680 million defense agreement was made with Israel. The vast majority of his agreement to renew the state of the art defense against Turkey in Athens was noted that the government covers 10 fighter jet with pilot training.
The agreement, which is expected to be signed by the two sides in the coming weeks, marks the biggest defense deal Athens has made since it started changing its pro-Arab stance in the Middle East 20 years ago.

Regarding the agreement, Costas Filis, professor of international relations, said: “The Israelis do not have confidence, especially in the field of defense. Therefore, this agreement is important in terms of the serious message it gives to Greece, beyond providing the opportunity to improve the quality of the new generation of pilots and armed forces. He said that solid and deep relations have been established between Jerusalem.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated that the agreement “will serve the interests of both Israel and Greece, will provide employment for hundreds of people in both countries, and promote stability in the Mediterranean”.

Tensions with Turkey

According to the Greek Ministry of Defense, Israel will provide 10 Blue M-346 training aircraft, simulators and logistical support to Greece under a 20-year comprehensive agreement. The international defense electronics firm Elbit Systems, headquartered in Israel, will also open a flight school in Kalamata, south of Athens, to train Greek air force pilots.

Greece, in recent years, one of the main routes of illegal migration to Europe in order to monitor the border with Turkey, which was unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel to use the rents in the Aegean Sea. Greece and Israel joined forces with Cyprus last year to build a 1,900-kilometer underwater gas pipeline. The pipeline is planned to transfer resources from the rapidly developing gas deposits of the Eastern Mediterranean to Europe.

This energy agreement and petrol to natural gas, which is opposed to its partnerships in other countries in the rich region, Turkey was sending of a research vessel to explore the field of energy in waters claimed by over Greece in recent months.

The relations between the NATO allies Greece and Turkey, fell to its lowest level in recent months with the energy dilemma caused in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Athens government announced that it was planning to purchase new warplanes, frigates, helicopters and weapon systems from sources, including the United States and France, during this period of tension.

Speaking to the Voice of America, international relations expert Costas Filis said, “There is no doubt that the majority of these energy deals and partnerships that have been created in the past year stem from feelings of mistrust and growing anxiety towards President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. this plea agreement, does not mean not to cooperate against Turkey, “he said.

‘Continuing distrust’

Israel and Turkey, long years posed one of the most solid alliances. According to Costas Filis, this alliance was mostly intended to “advance America’s policy priorities in the region.”

However, Israel-Turkey relations, to Gaza in 2010. Israel’s Mavi Marmara aid ship raid of his deadlocked over the killing of 10 people. Despite years of conflict, President Erdogan began to signal that he wanted to revive bilateral relations. This step is considered by some experts in connection with the election of Joe Biden as the new president in America and the expectation that Biden will not show as close to Erdogan as Trump.

Filis, on this issue, “insecurity feelings heard against Erdogan by Israel and the US is still on the agenda. However, Israel Turkey does not mean that you want to push it aside. This bilateral relationship is a long time in the region continues to be effective, you will also . If that revived the year previous levels of Turkey-Israel relations no doubt. Therefore in this emerging geopolitical game, especially to get a good position on the Israeli side, it is the fact that Greece’s interest, “he said.

Is effective in alleviating tensions between Turkey and Greece of improving relations between Israel and Turkey are not clear-if there can be. However, it still continues to gain momentum rapprochement between Turkey and Israel.

In recent weeks, the Head of the National Intelligence Service had a series of meetings with Israeli senior defense officials, especially the Mossad President. On the other hand, it is observed that President Erdogan, who expelled the Israeli Ambassador after the murder of 60 Palestinians on the Gaza border during violent protests in 2018, expressed intention to rebuild diplomatic relations. Turkey, at that time the events in Gaza ‘genocide’ and considers that Israel ‘terrorist state’ as he described.

President Erdogan has not yet withdrawn these words.

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