“Warning for Democracies of Congressional Raid”

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European Union Foreign Policy Chief Joseph Borrell said in Washington that Wednesday’s events marked the culmination of very worrying global developments in recent years.

Borell noted that this should be a warning for all democracies.

The European Union Foreign Policy Chief gave the message that disinformation and uncontrolled democratic values ​​can be seen on social media.

“Everyone should understand,” If we accept the post-regression setbacks, even if they seem small, democracy and its values ​​and institutions may eventually and irreversibly disappear, “Borell said.

Stating that what happened in Washington shows that misinformation is a serious threat to democracies, Borrell said, “If someone believes their leaders are constantly telling them that the election is fraudulent, they will act accordingly.”

Borrell called for better regulation of social media and stated that this cannot be done by the companies themselves.

Twitter closed President Donald Trump’s tweet account on Friday. Trump has consistently claimed that the election on his social media account was fraudulent.

The European Union Commission also proposed rules for combating fake news on social media last week. This aims to force social media platforms to combat illegal content and manipulations of platforms trying to influence elections.

President Donald Trump’s supporters raided the Congress building on Wednesday, five people died.

Prior to this incident, Trump had addressed his supporters in Washington and called on Congress to walk.

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