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In France, the government announced new measures to prevent the rapidly spreading UK and South African strain of the Corona virus. Prime Minister Jean Castex said that a curfew will be imposed throughout the country after 18:00 from Saturday. Castex reported that for those who want to come to France from outside the EU borders, they have introduced a Corona virus test and a 7-day quarantine requirement.

Following the security summit and cabinet meeting held yesterday at the Elysee Palace, Prime Minister Castex, who held a press conference with 6 ministers, announced new measures to be taken in the fight against the Corona virus.

Stating that the numbers have reached a stable level even though the situation in France remains serious, Castex emphasized that the strategies to combat the epidemic are correct, but that they have to take new measures with the emergence of different types of the virus.

The curfew will be extended if necessary

According to Castex’s new plan, the people of France will be closed to their homes for 15 days from Saturday from 18:00 to 06:00 in the morning. Depending on the spread of the virus, the application will be extended if deemed necessary.

Prime Minister Castex announced that in some regions of the country, thanks to this application, they detected that the rate of spread of the virus was cut off, so they decided to spread the application to the whole country. Castex asked store owners to serve at lunch time and on Sundays to avoid clutter.

Quarantine for passengers from outside the EU

Among the measures announced by Castex is the tight control of the French borders. In the new period, it will be obligatory to test passengers from outside EU countries. Corona virus test with ‘negative’ results will be required for those who want to board a plane or ship to come to France. The tests will be done at least 72 hours before, and all foreigners will be quarantined for 7 days from the moment they enter the borders of France.

Schools will be kept open

Contrary to the practice in European countries, the French government has announced that they will take every measure to keep schools open. However, the measures will be further tightened. From now on, all sports activities, including swimming pools, in the hall or indoors will be prohibited.

Measures taken in school canteens will be strengthened, each class will eat in separate groups. In addition, since the new virus is also seen among children, tests will begin in schools. The government aims to test 300,000 students and teachers per week.

Vaccination campaign expanding

The vaccination campaign, covering nursing homes and health workers, will be expanded. In 700 vaccination centers to be opened across the country as of Monday, January 18, those over the age of 75 and those in the high-risk group due to chronic diseases will be vaccinated. In this context, the government aims to vaccinate 6.4 million people.

In order to be vaccinated, appointments will be made on the phone and internet starting Friday. “We hope to get out of the crisis next summer, thanks to the vaccination campaign,” said Prime Minister Castex.

Health Minister Olivier Veran also noted that they took these measures to prevent the spread of new virus species to France, and that they detected 200 to 300 cases of mutated viruses that appeared in the country every day.

In the meantime, state aid will continue for sectors that have been severely damaged by the crisis, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and theaters. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced that they help the sectors that are in a difficult situation due to the crisis with 4 billion Euros every month and that these aids will continue and the taxes will not be increased. He announced that the state debt of companies will be postponed for another year.

The Prime Minister asked companies to apply the method of working from home. He announced that working from home will be mandatory for all jobs that can be done remotely.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, the number of cases in France exceeded 2 million 900 thousand; At least 69 thousand 540 people died.

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