Merkel’s Party CDU’s New Leader Armin Laschet

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Armin Laschet became the new leader of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). With this result, Laschet surpassed the powerful representative of the conservative wing of the party, Friedrich Merz, and the third candidate, CDU’s foreign policy spokesperson and Federal Parliamentary Foreign Policy Commission Chairman Norbert Röttgen.

Laschet, the prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, the country’s largest state, won the votes of 521 of 1001 delegates in the digital voting due to the pandemic.

In previous polls, Merz, known to be in favor of harsh policies on immigrants, was shown as the candidate with the highest chance of winning.

Known to be Merkel’s favorite, Laschet made a surprise attack shortly before the election and announced that they would form a joint team by taking Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn with him.

In 2018, after Merkel’s departure from the leadership of the CDU, CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer, who came to this position, will take the vacant seat after the resignation of Laschet’s position last year, and the written votes of the delegates will be expected to be counted. Since the German election law stipulates that the votes should be cast in writing, delegates will send their votes once again, this time by letter. The new leader of the CDU will be officially announced as Armin Laschet on January 22, after the votes received by letter are counted.

Speaking after the general elections to be held on September 26 and the elections, which are very important in terms of the new policies to be followed by Germany after the Merkel period, Laschet thanked the delegates for the confidence shown to him, and that Germany is waiting for a difficult year, in addition to the fight against the Corona virus, He said there are important goals, such as several states and parliamentary elections in the autumn, and said his goal is to bring the CDU back into government.

Addressing the party members at the opening of the congress, Prime Minister Merkel reminded that Europe has successfully overcome very difficult periods such as debt and financial crisis and migration crisis in the last 20 years, and stated that the Corona virus epidemic is also a “difficult period”. Stating that Germany and the German people have gained “strength and resistance” with such crises, Merkel expressed that she is sure that the situation will develop in this way after the pandemic.

Will Laschet be a candidate for prime minister?

Armin Laschet, as the leader of the CDU, also has the priority of the prime minister candidate of the Union Parties in the general elections to be held 9 months later. In the comments made at the backstage, it is stated that Laschet will not aspire to this post, and that he may leave his candidacy to the CSU President and Bavarian State Prime Minister Markus Söder, who came to the fore with successful decisions and applications in the Corona process.

Turkey and Turkey origin is known for its positive approach to immigrants

Armin Laschet, 59, has been the state prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, the country’s largest population and the heart of industry, for 4 years. Known for his closeness to Angela Merkel and following a policy close to the liberal line of the prime minister, Laschet was recognized in German politics in 2005 as the Minister of Harmony of North Rhine-Westphalia. During this period, the party of modernization, demanding and Laschet arguing that follow a clear line in the world, especially Turkey originated with immigrants, they represent organizations and associations with close relationships and for their positive approach to Turkey, “the Turkish Armed” began to be called.

As his party’s candidate for prime minister, Laschet, who won the state election in 2017 in the state known as the stronghold of the Social Democratic Party, emphasized that immigrants were part of Germany and supported Merkel, who was at the center of criticism at the time due to his liberal immigration policies. Laschet, who advocated for Islam to be recognized as an official religion in Germany and to have a legal status like Christian churches and Jewish communities, to legalize dual citizenship, was identified as the name that could replace Merkel after she left the leadership of the CDU in 2018. However, Merkel’s first favorite, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, did not enter the election so as not to reduce the chances. Laschet has been among the top names on the list of the most popular politicians for a long time. However, in the last year, he has been criticized for his erroneous decisions against the Corona virus.

Armin Laschet in German politics, especially the one of the features that attracts the response of conservatives, positive view of the possible EU membership of Turkey. Despite some political practices in Turkey shied away from criticizing clearly Laschet, in recent years of diplomatic tension between Turkey and Germany, which led to problems voiced living among Turkish immigrants. In 2019 the pre-pandemic German-Turkish Economy Speaking at Day Laschet, “Turkey-import relations has a great importance. Two countries in favor of free trade are two common allied with very strong ties with each other to make this also jointly address problems arising from international relations. Turkey “It is a key that Europe needs,” he said. CDU politician, in an earlier speech, “Turkey for the eruption of full membership negotiations, a ‘European soul’ EU Value must develop and fundamental human rights and especially democracy should comply with the Community rules” he argued. Laschet also made calls for President Erdogan to soften his harsh stance against the opposition and to leave threatening statements against the EU.

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