Obligation to Test Those Coming by Airline from England

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In the summer months when the first wave of the Corona virus epidemic subsided in the UK, the practice of “travel corridors”, which started as a relaxation opening in restrictions, ends on Monday.

air passengers coming from all directions, including Turkey, will have to show a negative test result Corona.

According to the statement of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the reason for this practice is to prevent new variations of the Corona virus from entering the country.

Engin Sertoğlu, President of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies in England, answered the questions of VOA Turkish London correspondent Barış Çimen.

Sertoğlu stated that, according to the criteria set by the UK in the middle of summer, the air corridor application, which was initiated with countries considered to have a low rate of contagiousness, was completed with this decision.

According to the information given by the Sertoğlu, Turkey has already been removed from the UK travel corridor since October. UK Turkish Travel Agencies Association President because of Turkey’s take into consideration only showing symptoms in explaining the number until day case then and Corona showed as the emergence of counting those showing signs of infected though.

British Transport Minister’s statement to the beginning of October, counting by the World Health Organization to act contrary to the directive on the grounds that Turkey was removed from the list of air corridors and 14-day quarantine requirement was set to come through the air.

Now the UK has taken one more step and removed these corridors with all countries and brought a test requirement. Those who have a negative result in the test made up to three days before the trip will be able to enter the UK without any problems, but there is still a requirement of 10-day quarantine at a certain address.

Sertoğlu said, “It is possible for those who want to interrupt the quarantine period with a new negative test result on the fifth day.”

Will vaccination be a hope for tourism?

England has started an intense vaccination campaign while increasing the measures at the border gates. The vaccines, which are planned to be made by moving towards the young and healthy population, starting with the weakest and oldest people, have given hope to tourism professionals.

TUI from the mass tourism operators, general manager, Turkey press also published the lyrics according hoped to be gained by summer the immune Corona with over 50 years of age tourists, it has already begun to make a reservation to Turkey and Greece.

“There is no one who even faces a holiday for £ 199”

Peters said that perpetual contact with hoteliers Sertoğlu found in Turkey, in this description, and after the news, said he finds speculative. Sertoğlu said that if there was such a movement, hoteliers should be aware of it first. He complained that even the £ 199 holiday packages, including the round-trip flight ticket, had no one in his face.

Asked their digital ads Sertoğlu giving examples through their low clickthrough data in the UK, currently home off the case and computer had no other shopping options 50+ British, reservation book to one side search engines “holiday in Turkey,” he even question the “it We will know first, ”he said.

Sertoğlu pointed out that TUİ, a public company, increased its very low stocks by 20% at a time and said that he thought this was the main purpose with the announcement and the news.

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