“I Hope The Eastern Mediterranean Tension Will Cease Permanently”

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The European Union’s (EU) rotating presidency, took over Poland on 1 January German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, the gas dispute between Turkey and Greece in relation to the observed softening “that he hoped to be permanent,” he said.

Making a statement prior to his daily visit to Ankara, Maas said that the resumption of talks between the two countries on January 25 would offer a “real chance” to overcome the tension. Maas, October 13 plans that Turkey has announced that it canceled at the last moment due to the actions of Ankara in the eastern Mediterranean to visit, “Turkey, the research vessel Oruc Reis was hurt seriously in the atmosphere of trust we have created carefully before sending back East Mediterranean That’s why I gave up my planned visit to Ankara, “he said. The visit of the German minister to Athens and Nicosia caused reactions in Ankara.

The main focus of the Maas-Çavuşoğlu meeting is ending the Eastern Mediterranean tension

Maas, his colleague in a meeting with Mevlut Cavusoglu, “play with fire” by expressing the Eastern Mediterranean tensions between he described as Turkey and Greece would be discussed mainly the issues to be terminated, “a positive point reached last few weeks, boilers continuity to rebuild the lost trust environment and It should form the basis of a solution-oriented dialogue. the minister said that Turkey’s responsibilities as a NATO country, in international law and the assessment found that the problem should be resolved through negotiations.

Turkish Foreign Ministry officials, preliminary talks between Turkey and Greece 61. round of announced would be held in Istanbul on January 25, “Aegean problems to which would be accepted by both sides, fair, lasting and comprehensive” in order to prepare the ground for the solution “to the two countries’ foreign ministers undersecretary of He announced that he would get together.

Diplomatic sources in Berlin, Maas their contacts in Ankara today, on the subject of how to improve relations between the EU, Turkey has predicted that touched. The analyzes in Berlin, made the assessment can play an important role in the relations between the EU and regain momentum next week in Turkey.

Visa exemption and updating the Customs Union are also on the agenda

Massa and talks on Cavusoglu’s presidency, provided to prevent the migration of refugees between the EU and Turkey on visa liberalization for citizens of the Republic of Turkey including the recognition of March 18, 2016 to update the Accord also on the agenda. Turkey, stressing that the refugees do their part, EU countries by ensuring visa exemption for Turkish citizens with the Customs Union is demanding to be given priority to be updated.

Çavuşoğlu will go to Brussels

Right after Maas’ visit, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu will go to Brussels on 21-22 January, and after 26 January, President of the European Council Charles Michel and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen It is stated that they will visit. It is being discussed that the German minister Maas will ask his Turkish colleague what concrete steps Ankara is planning to give a positive direction to relations with the EU.

“It is not easy to stop arms exports to NATO members”

Making a statement last October, when the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean continued, the German Foreign Minister said, “If Ankara wants to come to the negotiating table – which has repeatedly expressed what it wants, it should end the game of easing and escalating tension”. At the end of December, Greece’s proposed declared to be against the suspension of arms exports to Turkey Maas, “I do not see the strategic point of view it as the right way. Not very easy to do this to a member of NATO. Easy for failing to Turkey Order missiles from the United States a “We witnessed the acquisition from Russia once,” he said.

Last week, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s intention to become a member of the European Union has given the messages that there is a change, to create a positive agenda and emphasized that they are ready to reseat the rails relations with the EU, he noted that they expect the same attitude from Europe.

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