Germany Positives the Biden-Harris Era

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Making a statement regarding the appointment of US President Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris, Prime Minister Angela Merkel said, “I am on the road that transatlantic relations will improve as soon as possible.” Merkel said, “Our common points with the United States have a very broad base” and said that he welcomed Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization.

“The German government is ready to take responsibility”

Stating that the US President would rightfully want Germany and the EU to take more responsibility in the world, Merkel emphasized that the German government was ready for this. “We have more common political points with Biden compared to former President Trump. For example, we probably share the same views on global warming and global migration movements,” Merkel said. Merkel said, “We should not be expected to have the same opinion and the same political expectation on every issue,” and made the assessment that “Despite this, we are standing on a common basis”.

“I was relieved by Biden’s presidential oath”

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier also described the inauguration of Biden and Harris as “a good day for democracy”. In his video message, the president said, “I was very relieved that Joe Biden was sworn in as president and he will move to the White House. I am sure many people in Germany share this feeling.”

Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced that Germany is ready to support Biden on defense policies. “We and our European partners are ready to take steps to strengthen transatlantic security as America’s partner in the new period,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer and stated that despite the Corona epidemic, security policies should also be given importance.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stated that “a new era has begun” with the appointment of Biden, and in his speech, the new President touched on issues such as “solidarity, realism and mutual respect”, which had been lacking in bilateral relations during the Trump era for Germany in the last four years.
did. Stating that the chances of normalization of relations are very high, Maas suggested that President Biden will have to overcome the tension in his country before international issues.

“Relations can soon return to normal”

Speaking to VOA Turkish, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Niels Annen, emphasized that Biden was ready to cooperate with the EU in his first speech and said, “I am very hopeful that we will be able to return to a normal relationship in a short time. We will witness that this is so soon.” Stating that it would be in his own interest for the President of the USA to cooperate with the EU and especially Germany on economic issues, as well as on climate issues, Annen added that Biden’s first task was to overcome the problems in his own country. Stating that “The USA is now our transatlantic partner”, Annen emphasized that there may be problems with the new American government, but it will be easier to sit down and deal with Biden compared to the former President Trump. Your mother cited Germany’s financial contribution to NATO and the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline as the problem.

In the post-Merkel period, the Bavarian State Prime Minister and Christian Social Unity Party President Markus Söder said, “The transatlantic bridge will be reopened. Our first task will be to remove the debris caused by Trump,” said Norbert Walter-Borjan, chairman of the social democrat SPD, “Now we have to close the old period and look ahead together,” he said.

In the statements made by German politicians, it is emphasized that a new era in bilateral relations will open with Biden’s presidency. It seems that the termination of Trump’s post, which has criticized Germany at every opportunity in the last four years and has often exceeded the rules of diplomacy to increase the tension with Prime Minister Merkel, has created a positive atmosphere.

Some problems may persist during the Biden period

However, from the statements and evaluations made, it is understood that some problems between the USA and Germany will continue in the Biden period. As a matter of fact, the new President is expected to be in line with Trump, who frequently voiced the condition of increasing military spending within NATO to 2 percent of Gross Domestic Product. The US’s expectation on this issue is expected to be reflected in bilateral relations, even if there is a change in the way of criticism.

Likewise, Biden is expected to pursue a similar policy regarding Nord Stream 2, which Trump has frequently brought to the agenda, which provides direct natural gas flow between Russia and Germany. The continuation of the line, which has come to a halt in recent months due to the harsh sanctions imposed by the US on German companies participating in the construction, will be one of the main issues in Merkel’s first meeting with Biden. Merkel said at today’s press conference, “I know we have to talk about this. I know that not only Trump, but a very large part of the United States are critical of the North Stream 2 project. But America has many partnerships and exchanges with Russia in the field of energy. When we come together, what we need to talk about is whether we will have a common line of attitude towards Russia or will only be demanded to terminate our projects? ” He signaled that the problem on this issue will determine the dual agenda for a while.

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