“We Want Tension Drop In The Eastern Mediterranean”

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Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu met with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, the Eastern Mediterranean in summer because of the crisis escalating gave a positive message for the improvement of EU-Turkey relations since. While Borrell said, “We want the tension to be reduced in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Çavuşoğlu said, “Both sides want the dialogue to be resumed.”

Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu came to Bürksel to meet with EU administrators and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Stating that they met with Borrell upon his call, Çavuşoğlu said that they would handle the files that were subject to the tension between the parties throughout the summer with a two-day intense program.

Contact with the AP Friendship group

Cavusoglu, before the European Parliament Borrell Turkey Friendship Group Chairman Ryszard Czarnecki and Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee Co-Chairs met with Sergey Lagodinsky. Cavusoglu, the official Twitter account, “We attach importance to parliamentary diplomacy. To revive the relations with the EU is supposed to be the EP’s constructive. EU-Turkey Friendship Group can play an important role in creating the EU positive agenda,” he said.

Interview before held a joint press conference with Cavusoglu Borrell, “Dear friend had the opportunity to evaluate the EU-Turkey relations with Mevlut. We talked we draw how a path for the future of this relationship. It was a tough year last year. Better atmosphere at the moment on both sides For this reason, I welcome the Minister of Foreign Affairs. I think we can act within the framework of mutual understanding, “he said. Borrell said they were pleased at the start of preliminary talks between Greece and Turkey, said:

“The intentions on this matter have been declared. We expect them to be put into concrete steps. Another important step was the statement of the United Nations Secretary-General Guterres about the resumption of the talks on the island of Cyprus. We want this to start as soon as possible. Similarly, the Eastern Mediterranean. ‘the tension we want to be so on slows down in. may be related to Syria, may be related to Libya, we want to begin a comprehensive dialogue within this framework. Mutual respect for context, clearly, political developments in Turkey will also assess developments in the future also. same of a live Turkish society in addition, we also know that this dialogue how eagerly wait. of course there are extremely important developments concerning some issues in Turkey. They also Turkey are closely monitored because it is our important neighbor. They’ll talk, “he said.

“December summit was a positive step”

Late last year that Turkey and a troubled year in terms of relations with the EU stressed Cavusoglu “EU-Turkey relations are not only important for both sides, it is also important for the region. December summit, to create a more positive environment was a positive development. Both sides dialogue he wants to start again. Creating a positive atmosphere between Turkey and the EU important. But to be sustainable it must be concrete steps on both sides, “he said.

Cavusoglu also emphasizing that it is important for the solution of regional problems of Turkey-EU relations, the resolution of the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean “A detailed conference” reminded that they proposed. Cavusoglu also stressed that Turkey’s expectations, understand the readmission of immigrants in exchange for the EU to Turkey “renewal of the visa facilitation and Customs Union agreement”, he said such remarks could bring to the agenda. The Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “We will also talk about the steps to be taken regarding visa liberalization during the meetings. We will convey our expectations to our interlocutors in the meetings we will hold today and tomorrow. I hope all these meetings will be positive.”

Cavusoglu, President Erdogan, EU Council President Charles Michel and President of the Commission that Ursula von der Leyen is invited to Turkey to conduct the preparatory work for this visit with Borrell also noted.

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