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The German government has published a new international Corona virus risk list. There are 3 categories in the list that will be valid from Monday, January 25. Accordingly, the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Brazil were listed as “the most dangerous”, while 24 countries, including the USA, Israel, Spain and Portugal, were defined as “high risk” countries. From these two groups, passengers will be asked to test negative Corona virus 48 hours before travel to Germany. Turkey, a “high risk” groups in 100 countries, where the “normal risk” groups were the case. of entering the country from Turkey and other countries within 48 hours needed to make virus test. In addition, a 10-day quarantine period will be required after entering Germany.

Spread of mutated virus causes concern

On the other hand, the increasing proliferation of the ‘B117’ species in Germany, which has been mutated by the Corona virus and has been determined to spread much faster than the current virus, causes concern.

At the weekend, it was stated that after the mutated Corona virus was detected in the Humboldt Hospital in the capital Berlin, entrance to and exit from the hospital was prohibited, patient admission was stopped, and a total of 2 thousand people, 400 of whom were patients, were quarantined.

While it was reported that the virus was detected in 16 patients and four staff in the internal medicine and cardiology units, it was announced that employees in the hospital were only allowed to travel between the workplace and home by specially rented shuttle buses. Helge Braun, one of the consultations of Chancellor Angela Merkel, expressed concern that the number of mutated Corona virus cases will increase throughout Germany and said, “The incident in Berlin shows that B117 will turn into a determinant species in our country in a short time. B117 has come to Germany and a similar situation. “It will also occur in other countries. It is now the best method to keep the measures very tight and reduce the overall number of cases.”

Elected President of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) last week, North Rhine-Westphalia State Prime Minister Armin Laschet stated that the spread of the mutated new virus should be prevented in the country, and announced that despite the general decline in the number of cases, the measures taken will determine life for a longer period of time. Stating that the strict measures will continue until the summer months, Laschet said, “Loosening or removing the restrictions is not a realistic expectation.”

The mutation is estimated to be 6-8 times more contagious. The federal government decided to urgently extend quarantine measures against the new strain of the Corana virus until February 14. In this context, while citizens were asked to minimize all private contacts and stay at home as much as possible, it was decided to keep all shops, kindergartens and schools, cinemas, theaters, barbers and beauty salons closed, except for food stores. In addition, it has been made mandatory to wear FFP2s, which are medical masks, in public places, public transportation vehicles and food markets.

Before February 14, the government and state prime ministers are expected to meet again and make new decisions about how their measures will continue.

Meanwhile, the number of cases detected in the last 24 hours has decreased to 6,729. This is the lowest number of daily cases recorded in the last 3 months. The Corona epidemic caused the death of 52,877 people in total, with 217 casualties recorded in the last 24 hours.

First antibody therapy in the EU in Germany

In Germany, the first vaccinations of approximately 1 million 500 thousand people have been completed so far. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn, who has been the target of criticism recently due to the disruptions in the supply of vaccines, announced that in addition to the vaccination campaign, antibody drugs will be distributed to university hospitals as of this week. Stating that the drug that produces 200 thousand doses of antibodies was purchased by paying 400 million Euros, Spahn stated that the drug has the feature of preventing the severe course of the disease and that it will be used in Germany for the first time in the EU. The antibody drug was also used in the treatment of former US President Donald Trump’s Corona infection.

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