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PARIS – After US President Joe Biden took office on January 20, he first called French President Emmanuel Macron from the European Union, after his natural allies Canada and Britain. In the statement made by the Elysee Palace, it was stated that “the two presidents have found a great consensus on international crisis and security issues as well as multilateral issues”. The French press, on the other hand, commented that Biden called Macron before Merkel, “Biden’s first interlocutor in the EU”. After the meeting, he made the statements made reference to Turkey.

President Biden telephoned Emmanuel Macron on Sunday night to meet with the French President for the first time officially since he took office.

The two leaders had contacted by phone on November 10, just after Joe Biden’s election, to identify common files. Elysee diplomats stated that “the meeting, which took place in an extremely friendly atmosphere, was conducted in English and lasted 1 hour”.

In the statement made about the meeting from Elysee Palace, “The two leaders confirmed their joint determination to act together in the fight against Covid 19, for global health, within the framework of the World Health Organization (WHO), especially in an effort to support poor countries. The return of the Paris Climate Agreement “expressed their hope that the international community will open a new phase of action so that it can fulfill its commitments according to COP26 in a concrete way.”

Elysee Palace emphasized that the Iran issue, which was not included in the statement of the White House, was also discussed. In the statement, “Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden, Near and Middle East, the situation in Lebanon, affirmed Iran’s desire to act together for peace, especially on the nuclear issue. Common foreign policy, especially China, the Middle East, Russia and the Sahara region. They agreed to work together on their priorities. On all these issues, the two presidents agreed to be in very close contact in the coming weeks, “it said.

In the statement made by the White House, it was informed that Joe Biden told Emmanuel Macron that “his desire to strengthen bilateral ties with France, his oldest ally, and also to develop the transatlantic relationship through NATO alliance and partnership with the European Union.”

reference was made to Turkey

How to follow a policy of Biden administration in Turkey is one of the most curious subject. Sunday night occurred after 1 hour and finds the statements made phone calls “Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean” drew attention not referring to the subject.

French President Macron, particularly Syria, Libya and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean issues after removing barriers Trump management, a diverse line of these three file Biden hopes to follow. A family of French and speaks fluent French Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken who wish to work more closely with France to capture, especially for support for the management Bit to zoom in Turkey within the NATO framework.

also Blinken, said during the session of approval in the Senate, “the introduction of more severe sanctions on Turkey S400 are” Expressing the hope that they look hot topic this increase. However, these developments were not reflected in the statements made by the parties.

“The first interlocutor from the EU is not Merkel but Macron”

The French media pointed out the importance of Biden’s search for French President Macron, not German Chancellor Angela Merkel from within the EU, and commented that “Biden’s first interlocutor in the EU is the French President”.

As soon as he took office, Biden called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and on Saturday, he had a phone call with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who definitely separated Britain from the EU with Brexit.

The third leader Biden was looking for was Macron, which led to comments that “France came to the fore within the EU as Merkel was due to end in November”.

“On the phone Sunday evening, the French and American presidents took a wide horizon tour on international issues. The French president became the first European Union leader to meet the new White House tenant,” Opinion newspaper said.

LCI Television said, “Is Biden really close?” He pointed out that it is important for Biden to call Macron before Merkel, but that it is too optimistic to interpret this as “Biden will completely return to pre-Trump policies”.

Files where the USA and France are separated

Although Biden and Macron declared that “we have found a great consensus in many cases”, the customs walls and trade agreement between the USA and the EU, the Airbus-Boeing competition, the taxation of GAFA companies in Europe, relations with China, Iran There are also profound differences of opinion on many important issues such as the nuclear deal.

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