470 Detentions in the Netherlands Curfew Riot

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Dutch police detained more than 180 people on the third night of the ongoing curfew protests in different cities of the country. Protesting the curfews imposed to control the Corona virus epidemic, the demonstrators have been firing in different cities across the country for three nights, breaking showcases with stones and looting stores.

The first curfew since WWII

The first curfews implemented in the Netherlands after the Second World War followed the warning of the Dutch National Institute of Health after the increase in the number of cases due to the spread of the variant of the Corona virus in England. Despite the decline in new infection cases in the country in recent weeks, a curfew has been imposed between 21.00 in the evening and 04.00 in the morning from Saturday.

“There have also been riots in the past, but there have been riots in the whole country for several nights, a rare occurrence for her husband,” said Suzanne van de Graaf, spokesman for the Dutch National Police.

Police with shields and batons were called to duty in more than ten cities across the Netherlands. Urgent instructions have been issued to authorize the police to make calls.

Police tried to control the demonstrators until late at night. While the helicopters were on patrol, the police followed the demonstrators in the narrow streets by minibuses or on foot.

Young activists who fired fireworks, broke shop windows and attacked a police truck in the capital city of Amsterdam were dispersed by a large number of police.

While 10 police were injured in Rotterdam, 60 demonstrators were detained after damaging several businesses in the city center and looting shops. In the city where supermarkets were emptied, garbage bins and motor vehicles were set on fire.

In the statement made by the police, it was reported that two photographers were injured in Amsterdam and Haarlem, who were attacked by gangs with stones.

Police Spokesperson van de Graaf said that the vast majority of violent acts targeted the police. More than 470 people were detained in the events that have been going on for three days. While the police used water cannons to disperse the demonstrators, mounted policemen were assigned to maintain order in some cities.

Schools and non-priority businesses in the Netherlands have been closed since mid-December. Bars and restaurants in the country closed in October.

In the Netherlands, where 953 thousand 950 cases of Corona infection have been detected so far, 13 thousand 579 people have died.

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