Biden and Merkel met on the phone for the first time

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The new President of the United States, Joe Biden, has begun to implement his decision to restore relations with his country’s close allies and strengthen alliances.

In the past days, Biden spoke on the phone with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and then French President Emmanuel Macron, and talked to Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday evening.

Merkel’s spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, announced that the Prime Minister congratulated Biden on starting his presidency, and that the fight against the Corona virus, international issues such as Afghanistan, Ukraine and Iran, as well as climate problems and trade relations were discussed at the meeting. The spokesperson stated that Biden and Merkel agreed to cooperate around the world to revitalize and restructure the economy after the pandemic.

Stating that Merkel expressed to Biden his satisfaction with the US decision to return to the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement, Seibert announced that the Prime Minister invited the President of the USA to Germany as soon as the pandemic situation becomes appropriate.

In the statement made by the White House, it was reported that Biden conveyed to Merkel his wishes to improve relations between the two countries and strengthen the transatlantic partnership. “I spoke with Prime Minister Merkel and expressed my approach to global problems such as” multilateralism “, transatlatic partnership, Covid-19, climate, China and Russia,” President Biden said in a statement on Twitter.

The election of Joe Biden to the presidency is interpreted in Berlin as a hope for the improvement of relations between Germany and the USA during the term of former President Trump. Biden’s statements that he would try to strengthen the alliance with Germany and the EU during the election process caused positive reactions in Berlin, while North Stream-2 was a short-lived question of problems such as Germany’s share of NATO’s military spending and the situation of American soldiers deployed in Germany not expected to reach a solution in the term.

Although the USA’s approach to these issues changes in the way of criticism, the problems are expected to be reflected in bilateral relations from now on. Despite this, experts remind that the communication between Berlin and Washington has been completely lost in Trump’s recent period, and that the common political points between Merkel and Biden are much more, and that they share the same views on global warming and migration movements in the world. The view that there is an opportunity to act together despite all the contradictions prevails.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems in the process of improving relations with the new President Biden and Merkel is the fact of time. The German prime minister’s announcement that he will not be a candidate again in the next September election and will withdraw from politics, and the likelihood of Biden’s short-term visit to Berlin due to Corona reduces the possibility of the two politicians to come together in the next six months.

In the comments made in Berlin, the fact that Biden had a telephone conversation with Macron before Merkel is considered in this context and it is stated that the US President can see the President of France as the leader of the EU in the transition process until the name to replace Merkel is clear. . As a matter of fact, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, on a question about how he considers Biden’s prioritization of Macron, said, “It is possible to evaluate it that way, but it may not be the case. What are the main issues that are important to us. What we will evaluate depends on us, “he said.

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