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Last year, the 47 member countries of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has made the most applications in Russia and Turkey. President of the Court Robert Spano, has announced that the applications made from Turkey increased by 27 percent compared to the previous year.

ECHR President Robert Spano

The President of the ECHR, Icelandic lawyer Robert Spano, announced the Court’s 2020 balance sheet at a press conference in Strasbourg, and answered journalists’ questions. At the meeting, Spano questions regarding unapplied ECHR judgments were filed in Turkey.

According to figures released by the Spano, 70 percent of applications to the ECHR in 2020, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania came from. Of these applications, 22.4 percent from Russia, from 18.1 percent in Turkey, 16.7 percent from Ukraine, was held from 12.5 percent in Romania.

Spano, applicants from Russia 13 thousand 650 in the first ranks, has announced that it ranks second in Turkey, 11 thousand 750 applications were received. Turkey and Ukraine 10 thousand 400 applications, followed by Romania with 7 thousand 550 applicants.

27 percent increase in applications from Turkey

applications made from Turkey showed an increase of 27 percent compared to one year before. Spano noted that this increase is generally due to the completion of the lawsuits filed in Turkish courts regarding the 15 July 2016 coup attempt.

Pointing to the importance of law in the Member States of the independence Spano, without giving the name of Turkey, it drew attention to the implementation of the decisions taken by the ECHR Grand Chamber necessity.

On the questions asked about the issue, Spano said, “The decisions of the Grand Chamber are final and must be implemented. Article 46 of the Convention is very clear. Each member state has to implement the court decision. But the Committee of Ministers will follow whether this is implemented. The general principle is very. he said.

The ECHR negotiated and concluded 870 of the files it accepted in 2020. According to the Court’s 2020 report, Turkey is the most European Human Rights Convention “freedom and security”, “freedom of expression” and “fair trial to” tried and received sentences of regulating substances. the decision about Turkey 97 85 violation was decided. 31 of these were taken from the violation of Article 10 regulating freedom of expression. 21 decisions were taken for violating the right to a fair trial and 16 for violating the right to security and freedom.

Spano also counted the case of Selahattin Demirtaş among the important cases of 2020.

Criticized Turkey visit

Robert Spano, regarding the visit to Turkey criticized in the media for a long time that it is important law of the Court’s interviews with local representatives, members said that it’s implemented as a conventional method to strengthen the dialogue with the government.

“Do you have plans to visit other countries?” Spano replied, “There is no clear plan yet. But the Court has a very clear tradition. The Court is open to all invitations. It will be open to conferences, invitations, mutual communication. As long as it allows, we will see the pandemic in the coming period.”

Cyber ​​attack on the ECHR

The Court President, “then a decision against Turkey, the ECHR a cyber attack that took place on the website” on the question, “Our Web site was attacked on December 22. Subsequently, in the building, talked measures against attacks that might be in the future. This gives us special “It is not a situation. Unfortunately, the world has become this. We took the necessary precautions with our employees in the technical office. Next time we set measures on how to protect. We will see.”

Pandemic applications

ECHR President Robert Spano said that last year 300 applications were made due to the pandemic, 9 of them were examined, and these mostly included complaints such as “the right to demonstrate and march” and “the right not to appear before the hearing”. Spano stated that it is too early to get general information from the files coming to the court due to Covid-19 and to draw a general picture.

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