“It is not for us to dictate a solution formula in Cyprus”

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Britain’s Ambassador to Ankara Dominick Chilcott, who is the guarantor country regarding how to reach a compromise between the Turks and Greeks in Cyprus, said “It is not up to us to tell the two sides what to decide. They have to agree themselves. But we will do our best to help the two sides find common ground and support the United Nations (UN) to reach a mutually acceptable solution to the issue. “

Chilcott, Association of Diplomacy Correspondents (DMD) met with members of the Corona virus online due to the outbreak of the meetings and the UK’s European Union (EU) “Brexit” the assessment found its relations with post-separation process, called Turkey.

The Ambassador gave the message that after Brexit, Britain’s Cyprus policy will be in a different direction from the EU line, as the guarantor country, they will continue to support the solution between Turks and Greeks on the island.

By selecting Ersin Tatar Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic’s Presidency, along with Turkey, “two-state solution” to the request to sit at the negotiating table. Turkish Cypriots, led by Tatar, are of the opinion that Europe has almost rewarded the deadlock with the acceptance of the Greek side, who in the past said “No” to the solution plan of the United Nations (UN) Secretary General Kofi Annan, to EU membership. Therefore, the approach to natural resources in the EU’s Eastern Mediterranean “biased” accept what they describe Turkey and Turkish Cypriots to reach a solution on the island had actually lifted the embargo against the Turkish side to the status of official status by ensuring mean that the recognition of the TRNC should.

What does the UK think in terms of a solution in Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of the guarantor powers Turkey and Greece, along with the table regarding the stance of the British Ambassador Chilcott, the current UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres between the parties was underlined that they support efforts to compromised solutions. “It’s not up to us to tell the two sides what they should compromise on. They have to agree themselves. “But we will do our best to help the two sides find common ground and support the UN to reach a mutually acceptable solution to the issue,” he said.

Dominick Chilcott, British Ambassador to Turkey

As one of the guarantor countries on the island, Chilcott emphasized that they always wanted to help find common ground for a solution by the Turkish and Greek sides, and in the debate on natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, which also escalated the tension on the Ankara – Brussels line, Britain had a different attitude from the EU with Brexit. He also answered the question about the possibility of taking it. Chilcott, “The division of the island, still continues to be a major cause of tension in the eastern Mediterranean with some of the existing problems between Turkey and the EU. We believe that a solution that will satisfy both communities in Cyprus and which will be agreed on by the sides will improve the geo-strategic picture in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is something we desire, ”he said.

Ambassador Chilcott pointed out that negotiations could be initiated in Cyprus and said, “We hope that with the power of the two communities and three guarantors on the island, we will be able to identify common ground on which to enable a process between communities to restart the process of settlement.”

“We hope that Turkey’s presence in NATO preferences”

Chilcott, with emphasis on cooperation in the field of defense industry between Turkey and the UK, the question about the opinions on the London to Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400 air defense missile system responded. Chilcott, “Turkey, a NATO ally. “There is a consensus at NATO that the allied countries should not buy defense industry products from Russia,” he said, and therefore said that Britain stands by NATO. “Our position here is very clear. Russia is not Turkey’s defense industry for future international cooperation, we hope to prefer the NATO allies and the UK, “he said.

US to Turkey S-400 on the CAATS sanctions imposed because of Ankara – On the question about the possible impact on the defense industry cooperation between London Chilcott, in this regard, US President Joe Biden’s management how an attitude in case of changes to the scope and the sanctions will have to wait to tougher line assessment can be made he pointed.

Turkey’s indigenous fighter aircraft project TF-X engine for the British Rolls Royce Chilcott said that they wish to work with the company, “a great potential for defense industry cooperation between Turkey and the UK available. There are British defense industry companies around the world such as BAE Systems and Rolls Royce. We hope that the cooperation in this area will continue to increase ”.

He pointed to an agreement with the EU for the scope of the Customs Union

Dominick Chilcott, the British Ambassador to Ankara, also evaluated when the Free Trade Agreement, which was signed between Ankara and London after Brexit, will be expanded since it does not cover sectors such as agriculture and services. Chilcott, Turkey’s case to expand the scope of the existing Customs Union Agreement with the EU similar to Britain’s move also gave the message that they could do more easily.

Chilcott pointed out that negotiations between Ankara and London will begin within two years to expand the scope of the Free Trade Agreement, which currently covers industrial and processed agricultural products.

Chilcott, “Turkey can achieve updating the Customs Union with the EU, it will extend the scope of the Customs Union. Such an update, broadening the scope of the Free Trade Agreement between England and Turkey will facilitate the negotiations, I think. updating of the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU could provide a model for the expansion of the scope of the Free Trade Agreement between us, “he said.

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